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Cholera in Wayanad..Is there any thing to panic for travelers..?

Posted by Sathesh on June 28, 2011 at 10:36 PM

It was really a sad news that Cholera was back in Wayanad after six years

good health watch and sanitary measures implemented by the official health agency helped to swipe out this bacterial disease from the district in previous years and because of some  unidentified  multifactorial reasons the disease was hitting back in the tribal colony in Wayanad

The disease already claimed four lives and about 50 tribes  where hospitalized with the like symptoms and the entire colonies and areas with poor sanitation facilities are under observation

As every one knows Cholera is not an uncontrollable deadly disease

it is a simple bacterial disease can be treated effectively with re hydration  and antibiotics therapy.

but when this type of headings appears in the media ,there is every chance to spread a panic alarm among the public , especially the travelers who is new to such place,but really there is no space for that

As per WHO recommendations there is nothing really risky in visiting the cholera infected areas

Risk of getting infected to travelers is very low for most travelers even in countries where cholera epidemics occur,humanitarian relief workers in disaster areas and refugee camps are the only one comes under the risk group

Infection occurs mainly through ingestion of food or water contaminated directly or indirectly by feces or vomitus of infected persons.

cholera effects only human,there is no insect vector or animal reservoir host

since cholera is a food and waterborne infection, the risk of infection can be reduced by taking hygienic precautions with all food ,drinks and drinking water consumed when traveling and by avoiding direct contact with polluted recreational waters.

This simple precautions can keep you away from the infection ,few antibiotic tablets and some oral re hydration salts in your baggage will assure you an additional protection.

This is just about the travelers,but the situation in the tribal colonies are really pathetic and dangerous ,the sanitation and pure drinking water availability is almost nil in many colonies ,the continuous rain aggravated the condition .

Because of the inappropriate land usage like leveling the paddy fields, blocked the natural drainage system and leaching process during monsoon,poor nutritional status of the people also added its share

In" karimam "colony near Pulpally,where one died and about fifteen are hospitalized, the entire drainage of pulpally town drains in to the marshy area just near to the colony

this may be considered as the failure in the system ,and immediate and long term corrective measures are required

The amount spent in 459 wards of Wayanad district under National rural health mission for health sanitation committees is 24.03 crore , it is really a shame that this much of huge amount didn't improved the facilities at least up to the level of controlling cholera ,and this situation demands an immediate intervention in the entire system

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