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Home stays wayanad

The concept of homestay was very unique and wonderful when it is perceived

Sharing the extra space in local houses to tourists benefited both the traveler and the local host

For the host it brings revenue and chances to know the world by hosting guests from deferent nations

For the tourists it was a nice experience staying in a local home, interact with local people, know the customs and life styles of a country and so on

Home stays are the best places to stay for responsible travellers who consider travel is not just seeing places and like to see the money they spend on travel got distributed among local people

It is sad that the wonderful concept of Homestays were derailed these days and tourists interests in home stays were utilized for mere business purposes

Home stays in wayanad were multiplied in many folds by the last few years and many of them are un authorized and not complying any single guide lines for home stays

People from outside wayanad used to rent out buildings and started running homestays with a single local caretaker

As per the regulations of Kerala tourism department, the first and main criteria for a home stay is that it must be a home where the family lives

There are more than 1000 homestays in Wayanad, especially in Vythiri panchayath of wayanad

And most of these wayanad homestays are un authorized and illegal

To regularize homestays in wayanad ,district tourism promotion council introduced a classification programme and among the large no of of so called wayanad homestays many of them don’t have either that classification or proper licences

Next time whenever you look for a homestay in wayanad please make sure it is a place where the host family also staying

The best and safest way to trust a homestay in wayanad is to check whether it is classified under department of kerala tourism

we are govt aproved Gold House stay

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