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Buy organic rice from a tribal farmer in wayanad


Wayanad tribal community was rich in indigenous knowledge about traditional paddy farming, previously there were about 150 diversities of indigenous rice with them, which suits for different lands, climatic conditions, purpose of use etc.

 Introduction of new varieties of high yielding rice and modern farming technique, use of countless types of chemical fertilizers and insecticides made their traditional farming a failing trade and enforced them to give up their traditional farming ways and thus seeds

Cheru vayal Raman.Wayanad

Cheruvayal Raman is a traditional tribal farmer who resisted the influence of Green revolution and saved his traditional seeds and practices of paddy cultivation, and this ethnic man preserved about 30 of the conventional rice verities and cultivating all this rice verities in his 5acre plot 

Raman who was introduced to rice cultivation at his age of 13yrs and completing 50 years of organic rice production and conserve the precious gene pool of traditional rice categories now


Cheruvayal Raman still resume his cultivation in total organic way, he not ever uses any chemical nourishments or pesticides in his paddy field, the organic manure and the conventional expertise about the microclimate and astronomy make him potent to cover almost all type of hazards which the new high producing varieties faces currently

The rice produced by this environmental man ensuing old school of agriculture is poison free and purest, which is an exceptional commodity these days

Green leaves habitat opens an online platform for the sale of organic rise produced by this green farmer

Green Leaves habitat as a part of it’s responsible tourism commitment , wish to fill the gap between this down to earth organic producer and the conscientious consumers who are particular about their diet pureness

Cheruvayal Raman, who obliged his entire life for organic rise production deserves some support from the consumer society 


If any one is concerned in visiting this unique agrarian who is devoted his 50 years of life for organic and conventional paddy farming also can contact green leaves habitat.

Any body intent to try his pure rice of special varieties please do contact us  ( or call me @09446647635

We will make arrangements for the supply of the products any where in India for a nominal charge plus actual shipping cost according to availability


For those who visiting Wayanad we will make schedules to send the rice to your place of stay if book it in advance

Please put an assisting hand to this humble effort Green Leaves habitat is placing frontward to emphasis its prime promise of propagating responsible tourism in Wayanad by supporting the local producers.


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