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Sunrise valley Wayanad


Sunrise valley is the most picturesque viewpoint in Wayanad

Sunrise valley is nearly 10 km from Mepadi and 4 km from Vaduvanchal in the Mepadi Vaduvanchal course (Ootty –Calicut road)

You have to deviate from a place called ‘padivayal’(there is a small mosque)

And the road was motorable up to the site

You can view the long course of river chaliyaar running through the thick evergreen forest of Nilambur and Tamilnadu,Two waterfalls, the famous Meenmutty on left and Attamala falls on right of this point

If you are an exploration addict you can opt for a trek to the waterside of chaliyaar from here and a night stay in the forest will be a brilliant experience

(You have to take special permission in prior for that)

Don’t be too adventurous on the top of the viewpoint since the rocks may be slippery and a slip from there will be fatal

Say a big no to alcohol when you are there and please give extreme care to keep silent while you are there since the deep silence add more loveliness to this pristine place

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